Custom-made machine
  • We support customer R&D, Production by using our original Technology and experience.
  • We provide total support (Design/Manufacture/PLC) for Pilot Plant and Bench Scale Machine.
    - Wastewater Treatment (Industrial Wastewater, Sewage)
    - Water Process Treatment (Plane, Purify, Chemical grouting)
    - Culture System (Microbial Cultivation, Domestication)
    - Chemical Machine (Plating, Data Analysis)
    - Various Pilot/Trial Machine
    - Various Analyzing Machine
    - Trial manufacture and optimization for μBGA and CSP plating
    - Direct plate on resist of direct build up by laser, trial manufacture & process plating with high adhesion strength
    - Improve throwing power of laser via hole, filling plating

  • Automatic Dilute and Supply Equipment
    • Since this system manufactures high concentration developing solution with high accuracy while diluting it, it has benefit compared with existing Positive Developer Solution Supply System using large container. Besides, substantial reduction of transportation cost is possible.
    Automatic Adjusting Equipment
    • Best developer condition are kept by automatically analyzing and readjusting the concentration of developer solution and the senility on line, to extend the life of positive developer solution for LCD and to achieve cost reduction.
    >For further information about this machine, please contact following company.

    Electronic Material Marketing Division TEL: 81-44-435-3001[diluter]
    LCD Marketing Division TEL: 81-44-435-3002[Control Equipment]

    Maintenance Service
    • For foreign maintenance, we provide full customer support all over Asia from our China Subsidiary and Service Bases in each country.
    • Our specialized staffs who can speak English, German, Chinese will manage customer support and negotiation smoothly and quickly.
    • Information is accumulated and controlled in a database by each project.
    • We could provide Remote Control System as option to enable Online Trouble Shooting Service.
    Research and Development
      "Izumo laboratory" locates in industrial park close to Izumo taisha, widely known as marriage tie. Utilizing abounding skill and equipment, we actually make test model and investigate new technology every day. Also we make experiment upon customer's request to solve problems.

    electron microscope

    VCP machine

    vertical chemical process machine

    wire plating test machine

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