Facility gained much experience and result mainly for Vertical Continuous Plating Line. Based on this know-how, we manufacture machines in our plant in China with Japanese supervisor and try to propose latest machine with state-of-the-art plating technology in reasonable price.
Please feel free to contact us as we flexibly respond to any issues and requests about plating.

vertical continuous plating line

batch type plating line

Facility Dongguan(china)
>Laser copper sulfate plating copper concentration control equipment
  • Copper concentration of copper sulfate plating solution can be confirmed precisely and easily.
  • High-accuracy, high-resolution(±0.05g/l)
  • Change in copper concentration can be monitored with graph.

Copper concentration control equipment
Circuit Formation
Vertical process machine for SAP

  • transport thin panel stably by contact free
  • difference of surface and back are the same
  • easy to automatize
  • smaller space is required compared with horizontal machine

SAP Vertical Developing Line

SAP Vertical Stripping Line

Handling Equipment
Introducing handling equipment will make stable product quality and improve production with requiring lower number of workers. Even for complicated skill, we supply our original designed handling system, which is most suitable automation for customer